Going Off-Grid To Live

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Thinking of packing up and going off-grid, for good? The podcasts, articles, and videos below may help get you started.

Living Off The Grid

How to Simplify Your Life and Get Off-Grid
Art of Manliness Podcast – Interview with Gary Collins, author of Living Off The Grid

Gary Collins

Gary Collins lives off-grid in Northeast Washington. Brett McKay interviews Gary on the Art of Mainliness podcast (#621).

They define off grid living and discuss fundamentals of going off grid. This includes how to access water, waste disposal, finding property, and more.

Learn about starting out in off-grid environments and what to look out for.

Click the play button below to hear this episode, or visit the show page at the Art of Manliness website

Modern Off-Grid DIY – Podcast

Tips & Tricks for Living Off Grid

Rich Roll – Podcast
How One Man Reimagined His Life, Went Off-Grid & Found His Zen

“Today we go off-grid.”

Homesteading & Sustainability

Amy Dingmann, host of the Farmish Kind of Life podcast, discusses homesteading from her 5-acre Minnesota property. Listen to “100 Safety Tips for the Homesteader” below:

The Pioneering Today Podcast

Melissa K Norris talks about self sufficiency through homegrown & handmade goods. She offers some great tips on food, natural medicine, soap making, more.

How to Get Started With Composting
Art of Manliness

If you’re going to live off grid, you will want to eliminate any unnecessary waste. This starts with composting. They discuss how to get started inexpensively. Additionally they discuss:

  • Benefits of composting
  • Types of composting
  • Making a composting bin
  • Starting your composting pile
  • What to put in, and what not to
  • Maintaining your composting pile

Power Generation

Micro Wind Turbines

Here are some great resources for getting started with wind power for your off grid home

Small WInd GuidebookOpenEI

Small Wind Guidebook - OpenEI
Small Wind Guidebook – OpenEI

Micro Wind Turbines – Are They Worth It?

Solar Electricity

Must-know info about switching totally to solar.

The Real Truth About Living Off Grid With Solar Energy
Guildbrook Farm
The Ultimate Guide To DIY Off Grid Solar Power
Tin Hat Ranch

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