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Write it Down - Tools and Info for Improving your note-taking skils
Write It Down - Notetaking, Pens, Paper & Notebooks reviews, articles, apps,

In the old days we would  jot down our thoughts and notes onto paper with a pencil or pen. Then came personal tech mobility. Laptops, mobile phones & tablets, voice dictation and other note apps.
These days it seems we are going back to the basics, while retaining our modern instruments. We now have more options then ever before when it comes to note taking.

Below is a collection of articles, talks, and podcast episodes on notetaking/journaling, pens & paper, apps, and more to help you on your way to better note taking.

The Timeless Art of Journaling

The Daily Stoic is one of our favorite daily reads.  But aside from their blog and podcast, they also offer some great merchandise in their store. This includes The Daily Stoic journal.

The article (linked below) breaks down the benefits of journaling, a bit of journaling history, and some great ways to begin your own journal.

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Note-Taking: How-To

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Dean Bokhari’s Meaningful Show

High Quality Notebooks and Paper

Notebook Reviews

Best Pens By Class

Pen & Handwriting Articles

Top Mobile Apps For Note-Taking

Roam Research
A networked approach to note-taking

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Happy Note-Taking

We hope that you enjoyed our collection of note-taking tools and info.  This article may be updated, but it should serve as a decent starting point for improving your writing and note-taking skills. Stay well & enjoy.